Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some more details on Raft Races this weekend

Here's some more detailed information for the Raft races:

2 person teams Any raft designed for Class IV-V whitewater may be used.

Mass start by an official starter approximately .5 mile above Sunset Falls.
Starter will give a 30 second warning, the start will occur at the starters discretion in the following 30 seconds.

Stern of the boat must be touching the shore or rocks if its too shallow, no assistance can be provided from shore such as pushing the boat out from a third party.

Starting order from beach based on highest card pulled from a deck of cards. Ties = redraw. Highest cards = most downriver starting position.

False start= that boat goes to the most upriver starting position.

Finish= river left beach/rock just above Horseshoe Falls.

International Rafting Federation (IRF) rules in effect when applicable (no intentional blocking of a faster competitor, no intentional touching of the physical person of other competitors, good sportsmanship at all times, etc.)

Course officials have the right to dismiss any entrant from competition should they see fit. Points earned will be in accordance with WWCS standards.

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