Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Online Registration Closes Thursday at Noon

Is he that far ahead, or that far behind?
Online registration for the NWCC closes Thursday, April 19, at Noon. After this, you'll have to register Saturday morning for EFL and/or Canyon Creek. There is no Sunday registration for the Canyon Creek race. Also, the day-of registration price is $20 per race, and cash only!

This just in as well - fine draft beer (thank you Ninkasi!) will be available AFTER THE RACES for $2/ticket, or 3 tickets for $5. Raffle tickets are $1 apiece, or the "I'm Feeling Lucky" package of 25 tickets for only $20. Heck, it got Mayah a new boat at the Film Festival last year.

Register at Next Adventure or Alder Creek. You don't have to register both places, but if you want to save at least $5 (that's 3 beers), you do have to register before Noon on Thursday.

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